Building a Better Site

If your site is merely advertising, why would anyone visit? To lure visitors again and again, you need to offer entertainment and rewards (intellectual or otherwise.) How you choose to do this will vary depending upon your type of organization and your online marketing goals, but some successful ways to get a large number of visitors include:
    Useful Information: Online how-to guides, a listing and review of sites that would be of interest to your visitors, statistics, etc. There are endless possibilities depending on your audience.
    Discounts: People are always interested in saving money. A good way to bring them back to your web site again and again is Financial Incentive. We can arrange for "WWW Coupons" on your web page that change weekly, monthly, or whenever you desire. Offering a discount on your products or services will keep them coming back!
    Entertainment: Everyone wants entertainment... especially when it is free! Let us help you determine what content will be fun and intriguing to your visitors.
    Contests: People love contests! Just look at the success of state lotteries and sweepstakes programs. On-line contests are even more enticing, because they don't cost the entrant anything, and are easy and quick to enter, and can be entered from the comfort of their own chair! On-line contests are one of the great ways to bring visitors to your site.
Of course, these are just a few of the many ways to make your web-site a popular and highly trafficked site. Shoestring Graphics will work with you to find specific strategies to bring guests in, and keep them coming back.
Give your visitors a reason to come back often!

Good Layout Counts!
A poorly designed Web page says much about the state of your company. Remember: Simplicity. Spaces between the words and images help the reader/viewer to "receive" the messages much more easily.

Use small pages: Some browsers don't handle scrolling around in a large page very well. If you must do a very large batch of text on one page, add within-page index links, so that the user can jump to a specific part. Include descriptive paragraphs which accompany each linked "anchor" on your page -- not just lists.

Readers will tend not to return to your site if they believe that it is static. Keeping your site dynamic is key to maintaining a "fresh" feel that most readers enjoy!
Update regularly

Grab the reader's attention.
Use a thoughtful layout and a lean design. Graphics should be small enough to load quickly, and text content should be inspiring and thought provoking. Give your page a unique look.

Use Graphics to Illustrate... Not Necessarily to inform or, make parallel implementations for those with graphics and those who wish to view Text only.

Make your page visually interesting!

Use spacing to make the anchor links obvious.

Provide visual cues like horizontal bars to separate different types of information.

The layout of an attractive, well-designed site will not simply duplicate your organization's literature. While it is very important to maintain a consistent marketing strategy and incorporate it within your site, this medium calls for innovative design and unique content. Shoestring Graphics can give your site your organization's signature appearance, while focusing the unique capabilities of the World Wide Web to your best advantage.
Unusual Layout - Variations on a Theme

Make sure your web-site contains a PROMINENT disclaimer that holds your organization harmless from incorrect information received via your server. Help your audience understand that information to which your web page points may not be under your control.

Remember the old joke: An elephant is a race horse designed by committee ? While you'll want to have your pages be part of your organizations' whole presentation, be cautious about doing the pages by committee. A coherent editorial viewpoint/design will make your messages easier to understand.
Solicit input, but put ONE person in charge!


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