What to Ask When Picking A Web Publisher

Print out this page and use as a Checklist when interviewing a Publisher.
Suggestions made by Cyber Services, Inc.

________________________ Get written material, namely a product brochure and price sheet.
________________________ How long has the company been in business?
________________________ What is the company's URL? (Visit the site to inspect design, ease of use and clientele.)
________________________ How are services priced: hourly or a flat fee? (Always ask for a written proposal or agreement.)
________________________ What type of server will your web site reside on?
________________________ What is the server's line speed to the Internet?
________________________ What does the total fee include?
________________________ How many updates a month does the maintenance fee include?
________________________ Does the company charge for disk space?
________________________ What is the per megabyte disk charge?
________________________ Is the company running a secure server?
________________________ What encryption technology does it use?
________________________ Does the company offer the ability to conduct transactions on its server?
________________________ How is that accomplished?
________________________ Is there an extra charge for HTML "forms?" How much? (Forms allow Internet users to fill in a blank field to request or order information.)
________________________ Does the company provide periodic access reports?
________________________ What type of promotion will the company provide to announce the existence of your site?
________________________ What does the company require for document conversion and deliveries?
________________________ Is there a charge for e-mail configuration/setup and forwarding.
________________________ Is there Fax forwarding service?
________________________ Is there a charge for a log-in account?
________________________ Does the company provide databases?
________________________ If so, what engine does it use?
________________________ Ask for references.


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