Designing Your Web Site

We can create your page using material that already identifies your company: and convert and transfer these to your Web page so your on-line literature has the same flavor and style as your company's paper literature.

We will work with you to create:

to attract the attention of your potential audience and help redesign if you wish to present a new image for your company.

Contact and feedback will need to be automated, and if you are selling a great many things, the ability to find a given item quickly is paramount.

This means creation of:

A page is 8x11 inches on the screen. Each page may contain text, graphics, clickable image maps, forms, and links. Shoestring Graphics will convert graphics from PhotoCD, slides, artwork, or photo prints for Web display.

A first draft of your site will be installed on Shoestring Graphics web-site, so you will have the opportunity to access it, and make the final corrections. After the corrections have been made, the page(s) will be installed and announced to the world.

Building a Better Web Site

There are two kinds of web sites: those that GRAB your attention, and those that don't. We go the extra mile and work hard to make sure your web site falls into the first category. Here are some of the Tips and Tricks that have proven successful for us!

The Do's and Don'ts of Web Site Design

Interested a good set of rules to follow when considering how your web site should be designed? Look no further! We have a list of Do's and Don'ts that we think can't be beat!

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