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These are preliminary thumbnail sketches of the various crew members, kept relatively short and concise. These are adapted by me from the older files (from 1990 and early 1992, respectively); they can be updated by the player in question at any time, and in fact should be (ten to twelve lines or so, please). People who aren't listed should use the given entries as examples and send pbemref a listing of their own.



P.S. At the very END of this page, we've attempted to include all the PCs and NPCs that have got before, but are no longer in the game for one reason or another. Hopefully, if will help refesh memories!

Current Crew-members of the Elissa:

CHARACTER: Dr. Johann Abuko
POSITION: Science Division

DESCRIPTION: Johann is a male human, who looks to be in his mid-30s. He has dark eyes and hair, and a rather Mediterranean complexion. He is slightly shorter than average, stocky, and walks with the right side of his body noticeably lower than the left. His right arm, it will be noticed upon closer observation, is a prosthetic. One of Johann's eyes is missing, but normally he uses a plastic (non-functional) replica. Johann is known to be a native of Terra, who was severely injured in a student riot in his youth. He is an expert on sensor systems and computer enhancements, and his name would be familiar to Navy characters for his research for the military.

Abuko is the owner of the Focaline tree-rat Bit, a kleptomaniac, climbing rodentoid about the size of a large cat that often can be found prowling the Elissa.

CHARACTER: Commandant Aiwiheikahaih ("Aiwi")
PLAYER: Andrew Mansfield
POSITION: Crew Chief (Female Executive Officer); Senior Navigator and A-shift commo

DESCRIPTION: Female Aslan; 194 cm; 91 kg; golden fur, shading to copper at mane; green-gold eyes. Wears a shipsuit and tunic with wide, jewelled belt, or ornate bodysuits with yoyeaokhtef woven in metallic thread when off-shift. To a human's eyes, the line of her brow and cheekbones give her a constant air of faint disdain which meshes well with her noble rank. A classic example of one of those people who is *never* off duty, she is always alert to those around her, what they are doing, and what they *should* be doing. Whenever addressed, she fixes the speaker with a penetrating stare which many find unsettling. Speaks flawless GalAnglic with a trace of a Rim accent -- almost always formal and exactingly precise in her speech. Appears at first sight to have no sense of humour whatsoever.

CHARACTER: Admiral Akhouw Tra'Ekhaul
PLAYER: Nicholas Sylvain
POSITION: Commander (Male Executive Officer); Helm/OOD A2; Master, KCR Khtaliyr

DESCRIPTION:Akhouw is tall (180cm) and well built, with a powerful muscle structure His hair is a deep, rich gold and his mane is full and thick. In most respects, he has the classic bearing of an Aslan noble male. He carries himself with a cool dignity, fully confident in his abilities. While his manner is very polite in his dealings with non-Aslan, is is equally evident that he does not suffer fools gladly. Humans, in particular, notice that Akhouw always carefully evaluates others, waiting for the right moment to speak or act, but very determined and firm when he does so. He is very intelligent and quick witted; his wry sense of humor is unusual in a noble male, as is his wide range of knowledge.

His clothes, as befits an Aslan of his position, are tailored out of fine materials. Shipboard, he wears a red and black uniform with platinum epaulets, and a gold command sash across his chest. Several medals and ribbons are pinned to the sash. While indecipherable to most, they indicate hazardous service and high standing in his clan. It looks like he could wear many more if he chose to.

He is unknown to most non-Aslan, but long service naval personnel, particularly those serving near Hierate space, would recognize the name of Admiral Tra'Ekhaul as the person who commanded the Khaukeairl Clan Navy in its annihalation of the combined Khtarakh/Hkayu forces at the Battle of Akaoaft during the 7th Succession War.

CHARACTER: Doctor Aolrkhea' ("'Khea")
PLAYER: Keith Thoms
POSITION: Medical Division Surgeon

DESCRIPTION: Female Aslan, 201cm tall, 98kg. Her fur is yellow, shading into light-brown and touched by gray. Past typical retirement age, she continues to explore and learn, with her certifications in medicine, engineering, and bridge support allowing her to remain on active duty until her body quits. Her expertise lies in xeno-biology and sophontology, along with 26 years of shipboard medicine aboard combat explorers. She is outgoing and understanding of non-Aslan, yet versed in matters of honor, and is well known for her counsel. Her door is always open to this end. Collects art on memclip, and can apply traditional Aslan cures using herbal and acupressure/acupuncture techniques.

CHARACTER: Rafayl "Rafe" Awntremont
Seth Blumberg
POSITION: Contact Team sociologist/linguist and sometime heavily-armed thug.

DESCRIPTION:180cm tall, muscular-looking, mahogany skin, short, curly black hair, no beard, striking green eyes, weathered face. Usually wearing an IISS tailored vacc suit with an elaborate landscape painting covering chest and back. Always calm and courteous, slightly aloof, but occasionally unleashes a vicious, perfectly straight-faced wit. Has an eidetic memory. Vegetarian, teetotaler. Practices the Zalunni Way.

CHARACTER: Sergeant Jordan Kalhoun Azani
PLAYER: NPC (originally John Banagan)
POSITION: Security Squad

DESCRIPTION: Jordan is a human male, about 30 years of age. He is large for a human, about 6'3" and 185 lbs., with grey eyes and long black hair that he usually lets hang loose on shipboard. He wears a mustache and has a tattoo on his upper left arm. He is a veteran of the Imperial Army and Commandos, and has also served for a term in the Scouts. Jordan is unfailingly polite and courteous to everyone with whom he deals, but seems as cold and uncaring as a robot. His eyes are always in motion, absorbing information about everyone and everything around him and filing it away. He is not terribly talkative in most cases, and never volunteers information about himself or his experiences in the military.

CHARACTER: Tarmine "Tar" Berana
PLAYER: Rob Harris
POSITION: Security Squad


CHARACTER: Dr. Sir Bhyarrvouf aeggra-BaHaThagk-Kabra "'Vouf"
PLAYER: Mike Metlay
POSITION: Captain of the Elissa

DESCRIPTION: 'Vouf is an adult male Vargr from the Vargr Extents in the vicinity of Antares. His black-and-grey duty uniform is that of a Captain in the Bokhutokh, a Vargr megacorporate starline. He is about 1.6m tall, weighs about 55 kg, and is black and white furred (bearing a certain vague likeness to a Husky or Malemute) with a bushy black tail, sharp ears, and piercing sapphire-blue eyes that are almost unheard of in a Vargr. 'Vouf speaks fluent Galanglic and Vuakedh, the common Antarean Vargr tongue. He almost always wears a red data/display monocular and carries a six-barrelled "pepperbox" revolver on his hip. 'Vouf is loud, cocky, and gregarious, with a meteoritic temper and a gift for music, magic tricks, slapstick, and odd profanities.

CHARACTER: Adrian Bishop
PLAYER: Mark F. Cook
POSITION: Bridge Division; Computer Officer and C-Shift Commo

DESCRIPTION: Bishop was one of the highest rated independent newstapers currently working for the INN (Imperial News Network). He is a lean (maybe 75 Kg.), wiry individual who appears to be in his mid-30s. He is about 1.8 meters tall, with an angular face and a head of thinning blonde hair, cut short. He dresses in a civilian utility jumpsuit, over which he wears a light work jacket with lots of pockets, an "INN" logo and a "BISHOP" name patch.

On the last mission, Bishop survived a suicide attempt through the intervention of the IASIC intelligence, (a TL-21 teleporting silicon lifeform) and appears to be a different person entirely. Once temperamental, arrogant, and talkative, He now demonstrates frequent memory lapses in his own personal past, yet possesses detailed knowledge of skills he was known to not possess before his 'death'. He currently appears to have more in common with the shipboard computers than he does with his crewmates...

CHARACTER: Zben Blaine
PLAYER: Bruce T. Ritchie
POSITION: Bridge Division; Communications Officer and B-Shift Commo

DESCRIPTION: A tall, heavy-set individual, with a close-trimmed beard, bald spot, and a ready smile. He has long, dexterous fingers, and is dressed in dark blue. He carries the inevitable hand computer and wears a particularly ugly plastic bracelet all the time (even OVER the sleeve of his vacc suit). His speciality is Communications Electronics, but can fix and operate almost anything electronic. Zben has some engineering (Jump and Manuver drives) skills. He's also offered lessons in knife handling. His background is mostly working for Tukera Lines as a liner technician. Since boarding the Alcyon, he has been responsible for developing the communications protocol for the missions to the R-Alpha ringworld, and now to the Hole In Space.

PLAYER: NPC (originally Steven J. Owens)
POSITION: Medical Division


POSITION: Engineering Division and Contact Team; Ship's Boffin

DESCRIPTION: Doejin is living proof that the ill-fated mission to the R-Alpha ringworld actually took place; he's a Phin, a resident of the ringworld who made the sudden decision to explore the strange new Universe beyond his home, and is now trying to help his new friends find their way back to his home. Doejin is a dolphin bearing a fair resemblance to the uplifted Terran 'phins, with a sleek silvery-grey body and merry eyes. He uses a set of manipulator waldoes modified to his front flippers, and carries one or two artifacts of obvious ultra-high-TL manufacture with him, such as his skysuit, which allows him to live comfortably in dry environments for long periods. Doejin is inquisitive, very friendly, a fast learner, and quite cheerful in all but the worst circumstances.

CHARACTER: Rigo Harama Edmondsen
PLAYER: Hans Rancke-Madsen
POSITION: Security Squad

DESCRIPTION: Edmondsen is a little above medium height with straight, golden-brown hair, greentinted eyes and dark red-brown skin. He is in his mid-thirties and has a natural air of authority. His manners are friendly but reserved, except when he speaks of the wonders to be found beyond the Gate. Then his usually somber face lights up and he becomes positively ebullient. Edmondsen is a skilled administrator and competent with communications, driving and repairing gravity vehicles, and security work. As a youth he served in the armed forces of his planet, a high-tech, high-population world, and he holds a reserve commission as captain. His later career was made in something called the Welfare Service, apparently some sort of para-military organisation dealing with feeding and keeping under control the vast number of unemployed on his planet, where he retired as Chief Inspector, evidently a fairly high rank.

CHARACTER: Major Lester "Lazer" Farouk
PLAYER: NPC (originally Colin Roald)
POSITION: Security Chief (Head of Security Squad)

DESCRIPTION: Lazer is tallish, with dark hair flecked with silver, clean- shaven, roundish chin, and scar on his left temple. Affects a black eyepatch since he lost his left eye in a boarding action many years ago, claiming `the ladies' like it. Tends to wear loose shirts and tailored pants over his black skintight vaccsuit; the dark grey insignialess beret he often adds is the closest he ever comes to uniform. On duty, he's intense and terse, with a great deal of energy tightly controlled. Ends commcalls with an abrupt "Farouk out." Off duty, he favours aggressive activity of nearly any kind. Likes to drink (particularly exotic beers) and talk late into the night. Cut a wide swath through the women of Idiilar Compound as the dark dangerous hero of R-Alpha.

CHARACTER: Aaron haut-Frieder
POSITION: Engineering Division

DESCRIPTION: Aaron stands about 190cm tall and weighs about 70 Kg. He is very muscular, and in good shape. He has a thick head of long dirty-blonde hair, and a thick, well-trimmed walrus mustache that he constantly strokes and grooms. He generally dresses in an Imperial Navy tailored vacc suit for ease of use in the bowels of engineering. His manner is generally quite easygoing, but, when working, he becomes very businesslike and relatively brusque. He doesn't talk about where he comes from very often, and never mentions the fiefdom that his baronial title comes from. He enjoys working among the drives, and is a past master at squeezing his huge frame into tight places to work.

PLAYER: Joe Heck
POSITION: Bridge Division; Helm/OOD C2; Master-designate, IISS Paladin

DESCRIPTION: Zar is 170 cm, 60 kg, dark tan skin, green eyes, dark brown hair; early 30's; sensors, gravitics, piloting, paramedic; speaks Galanglic with a Transform accent, slipping into Vuakedh occasionally (a dialect of Irilitok Vargr shared with Vouf & Rafe); usually wearing IISS tailored vacc suit and utility vest; reacts quickly to situations and problems with a heavy emotional content. For anyone with knowledge of Vargr charisma, he reacts with the charisma of 4 while on board the Elissa (or when on duty - properly subordinate to superior officers), but it jumps to 5 while on board the Paladin.

CHARACTER: Morgan Grey
POSITION: Engineering Division

DESCRIPTION: Morgan is an ex-Scout who seems to normally prefer the company of other Scouts to more military types. He is short (1.56m tall) and chubby (75 kg), with pale, florid skin and bright blue eyes that twinkle when he laughs at something, which is often. His blonde hair is cut severely short, and his preferred garb is an old, rumpled and badly abused IISS tailored vacc suit. He has a real fascination with PATER and its abilities, and can often be caught dreaming up new ways to get the AI to do more of his work for him. He always seems to be in a hurry, wherever he's going.

PLAYER: NPC (originally Mark A. Power)
POSITION: Security Squad

DESCRIPTION: Laconic Aslan male warrior.

PLAYER: NPC (originally Greg Givler)
POSITION: Security Squad

DESCRIPTION: Short, wiry and tough, J. J. usually dresses in clothing that appears to have been designed for heavy use in the outdoors and for equestrian riding, tough gear stitched out of leather. The Security people will also have seen the weapons he checked at the arms locker-- in addition to more high-tech arms, there were a pair of cap-and-ball sixguns and a matched set of duelling pistols. J.J. is an ex-bounty hunter who took one too many slugs in a firefight on his homeworld, a tiny independent planet in the open territory between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. Since then he's lived a loner's life, working as an industrial spy and as a bodyguard in various parts of the Imperium. Horne usually has a foul-smelling cheroot in his mouth, lit or otherwise, and only speaks when spoken to in most cases, in a harsh, gravelly voice. He speaks Galanglic, Zhodani, and Virushi fluently.

PLAYER: NPC (originally Dave Nilles)
POSITION: Science Division


CHARACTER: Hur'Shurvan
PLAYER: NPC (originally Alan Huscroft)
POSITION: Engineering Division

DESCRIPTION: Short description -- "Truck on legs." To the eyes of humans (and similar small, fragile species) Hur'Shurvan is a fairly typical Virush, except that his colouration is maybe a shade darker than that of other Virushi. His age is not readily apparent. He speaks fluent Galanglic, albeit in soft Virushi tones, and tends to move in a slow, deliberate manner -- a result of having learned from long experience just how delicate human equipment and furniture can be. Like Virushi in general, Hur'Shurvan is gentle, helpful and self-effacing, although he may be slightly more assertive than others of his kind thanks to Talon's influence. His smile can sometimes look disconcertingly human. He typically carries several equipment bags slung over his back, a little like saddlebags. Hur'Shurvan has served for many years in the IGS, mostly in the capacity of a starship engineer.

CHARACTER: Sir Thul Jonson
PLAYER: Peter L. Berghold
POSITION: Security Squad; Master, Free Trader Korondor Talisman

DESCRIPTION: Thul has blonde hair that gives away his New-Scandanavian heritage. He doesn't show his age much and like most career veterans of his age group has the hard lines of someone that has stayed in shape but mellowed a little (very little) by age. He is given to wearing camo pants and solid color turtlenecks or sweaters most of the time. Most of the time he wears a ball cap, and he's often seen with an unlit cigar that he chews on constantly, especially when under stress. Thul is a physical fitness fanatic and enjoys running PT for the crew. He is also an avid reader, and is teaching himself the necessary skills to someday fly his ship himself. In his career in the Imperial Marines, Thul's work has ranged from Commando raids to diplomatic attache positions in the Zhodani Consulate. He has been decorated for valor twice and has been knighted for service.

CHARACTER: Vanessa Kor
PLAYER: NPC (originally Michael Surman)
POSITION: Security Squad


CHARACTER: Dr. Morton Limner
PLAYER: Bruce T. Ritchie
POSITION: Science Division

DESCRIPTION: Morton Limner looks like the archetypical absent-minded professor. He seems to know a little bit about everything; ask him about anything even vaguely scientific, and likely as not, he'll know all about it. Sometimes he gets a little confused, or at least gets everyone else confused, when explaining things, though, as he tends to ramble. Dr. Limner is just slightly over average height, a little thinner than average, has medium brown hair and somewhat fair skin. His age is hard to tell, but from all of his experiences he must have been around for a while. He has explored and researched many new planets for his University. Igor, the grav "bus" he's brought along from his lab ship is crammed full of scientific junk of all kinds. In addition to teaching and exploring, it seems that he was originally a surgeon and biochemist when he was young ("ages ago," he says).

CHARACTER: Angus MacLaeran
PLAYER: Bill Morrison
POSITION: Engineering Division

DESCRIPTION: Angus is of moderate height, with deep red hair cut short; green eyes; light freckles; early to mid-30s; moderate tan; handlebar mustache. Angus is always courteous. Calls people 'Sir', 'Ma`am', or by their surname until that person indicates that things should be on a firstname basis. Because of policy, Angus wears a tailored vacsuit while on duty but prefers navy-blue jumpsuit with gold trim. Almost always has a toolbelt complete with handcomp and com-unit. He is very professional while on duty and will admit when he doesn't know something. Eager to learn just about anything. Quite when off-duty, but can become quite animated if drawn into a discussion. Enjoys music and is a whitewater enthusiast.

CHARACTER: Captain Etienne de Mer
PLAYER: NPC (originally Andrew Salamon)
POSITION: Bridge Division; Helm/OOD B1

DESCRIPTION: Etienne is a 6' male human. His light brown hair is cut short to fit into vacc suit helmets easier. He is not particularly imposing, physically, but all of his movements are controlled and precise. For all of that he can move very fast when he needs to. He commonly wears an Imperial Navy one piece flight suit with all rank and unit markings removed. There are still several combat mission patches on his shoulders. He is also rarely without a pair of mirrored sunglasses, even indoors. Held at his waist by a utility belt is an elaborately tooled sheath containing a basket hilted blade about a third of a meter long. Etienne is rarely seen without Kireina (his blade). He rarely talks about his friends, and never about his family.

CHARACTER: Boris Merkle
PLAYER: Dale Poole
POSITION: Engineering Division; Ship's Loadmaster and Quartermaster

DESCRIPTION: Boris is 5'10", 175 pounds; with short cropped prematurely grey hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. Compact and solid in appearance, he has little body fat but not overly muscled. Large hands with long thick fingers are covered by tight hide gloves; he dresses in loose trousers and tunic in dark earthy colours or standard issue Scout vacc-suit smudged with grease and dirt; hidden by the collar of his tunic is the start of a scar. A handcomp slung left, short straight knife sheathed right; often wears a jacket bearing several badges, most notably a large bolt of lightning behind the words 'The Quick Fix'; he watches those around him closely, concentration in his piercing gaze.

CHARACTER: Dr. Sir Christian van der Merwe
PLAYER: Nicholas Sylvain
POSITION: Command Crew & Medical Team member; Master, IISS Aurora

DESCRIPTION:He stands 180cm tall, with approximate mass of 70kg. His hair is touched with silver-gray, adding a distinguished touch to his air of confidence. He is a middle-aged man, but seems to be quite fit for his years, carrying himself in a manner some might call cat-like. He is now wearing a dark blue, unmistakeably Navy uniform, with gold buttons, blood red piping, and the soft white Intelligence collar. On each blue shoulder board is a gold unicorn symbol, insignia denoting a Captain in the Denebian Naval Reserve. Perhaps deserving of more comment is the item that Christian occasionally carries -- a dark, highly polished wooden swagger stick, with a gold spiral inlay and a platinum unicorn device poised at the very top. On his right hand he wears a simple gold ring.

He is an amiable person, if a bit on the reserved side. Despite his superior skill as a doctor, he chose not to head the Medical Division, reflecting his distaste for administrative chores. Instead, he has devoted himself to his other love, of shipboard operations. Nevertheless, he continues to freelance as a doctor and advisor for those who seek him out.

Persons with a bio/med background may recognize Christian as the author of several important articles in the fields of xenobiology and bionics. Others may have a hazy recollection of an old TAS article; something about espionage activity behind the Zhodani lines during the Fifth Frontier War.

CHARACTER: Herr Doktor-Professor Karl Morser
PLAYER: Craig Waylan
POSITION: Science Officer

DESCRIPTION: Dr. Morser looks to be in his mid-20s. He has ruffled brown hair, blue eyes, and invariably wears a well-worn white(well, it started out white) lab coat. His pockets are usually filled with various tools and instruments. He has a noticeable German(Terran) accent. Besides his specializations in computer science and biology, he also has advanced-level training in most of the other natural and life sciences, as well as a wide range of Engineering and technical skills; he may be the youngest-LOOKING crew member, but after a 40-year scientific career, he's also probably the oldest in real-time. Some crewmembers, like his ex-colleague Limner, remember his dismissal from the University of Rhylanor for experimenting on himself....

CHARACTER: Dr. Yolanda Celina Munro
PLAYER: Lori Cook
POSITION: Chief Engineer

DESCRIPTION: Shorter than average with a physique to match. Very dark brown skin, white hair & green eyes. Small crystals & thin wires of various colors woven into the hair. On duty the hair is intricately braided. Favors solid (mostly brightly) colored shirts with a utilitarian vest & pants. Hand comp & data head set are always worn or near by. When happy or stressed, she lapses into a vaguely British accent. Hates bureaucrats & the military. Has a bit of a temper offset by an odd sense of humor. Socializes with the rest of the crew readily enough, but has to be enticed/dragged away from engineering. Spends most of her free time swimming, reading technical manuals, running engineering simulations & tuning any piece of equipment she can get her hands on.

CHARACTER: Count Nanadh Nggemen Ger
PLAYER: Dan Corrin
POSITION: Bridge Division; Helm/OOD A1 and Secondary Navigator

DESCRIPTION: Count Ger stands 174cm tall. He is thin, with a light complexion, silver hair, blue eyes, and a weathered face with some signs of decompression damage. He is always seen in his Darrian Confederation Navy uniform. The Count appears to be about 40 standard years old. He definitely has more an air of confidence and competence than of bravado or impressiveness. Vets might recognize the partly-empty eyes that have seen too much violence, too many young people killed. He has demonstrated expertise in both administrative and practical areas, combining useful leadership abilities with spaceside skills such as Pilot and Robot Ops. (And for those of you who were curious, his name is pronounced "Nonoth Ingeemeen Gear." )

CHARACTER: Nishu Neriika
PLAYER: Kelly St. Clair
POSITION: Chief Navigator of the Elissa

DESCRIPTION:Nishu is a large man in his mid-30s, almost two meters tall and of lanky build, the sort sometimes referred to as a "long drink of water." His brown hair is just starting to grey along the temples; those who were on the Alcyon saw him with a thin beard as well, but he shaved it off before boarding the Elissa. His manner is relaxed and easy-going, though never to the point of neglecting his duties.

Neriika served with the Five Sisters subsector navy for 16 years and saw action during the 5FW. He is a talented navigator and a decent shot with a snub pistol. The impression most get from him, however, is "tourist"; he always seems to have a camera with him, and carries a scrapbook full of his travels across most of the Imperium. Naturally, he is a member of the TAS - a mustering-out gift from a commander who noted his love of sightseeing. That interest was his primary reason for joining the first expedition. On the second trip out, however, he has been noticeably quieter.

Nishu is currently in sickbay, recovering from severe burns to the right side of his head and face.

CHARACTER: Alliara Niigurd
PLAYER: Marc Volovic
POSITION: Science Division and Contact Team

DESCRIPTION: 160cm; 58kg; short, dark, brown hair; green-brown eyes; very prominent cheekbones. Usually wears jumpsuit or shipsuit. Sometimes carries a soundrecorder in a pouch on her belt and, when the mood strikes her, a combat epee. Almost always looks at people either down her nose or from under under the eyebrows. Has a rather sharp tongue, to which she gives a free reign (or, if you prefer, rein). Frequently whistles something which only rarely has any connection to melody and even more rarely to any known melody. Likes to follow people with her eyes and is not at all covert about it. Likes to listen into other people's conversations, frequently jotting something down after she hears it.

CHARACTER: Abdul Schmud
PLAYER: NPC (originally Paul Dale)
POSITION: Science Division

DESCRIPTION: Abdul is rather on the short side (about 5'4") and he slouches a little as well. He has a very dark complexion with dark brown hair, piercing green eyes, and a nose that's a little large for his face and has obviously been broken many times. Abdul looks to be in his mid=30s, and is a really slovenly dresser: his beard ranges from badly shaven 5 o'clock shadow to several days' growth at any given time, and his clothes are shabby and show signs of both a terrible sense of color coordination and of extreme age. Abdul is a crack laser marksman, but his primary interest is in high tech power generation: fission, fusion and anti-matter. Abdul has a rather well developed interest in fires and explosions and people around him soon realise that he has a slight tendancy towards pyromania.

CHARACTER: Andon Shrike
PLAYER: NPC (originally Brian Gillespie)
POSITION: Security Squad

DESCRIPTION: Andon is about 1.8 m tall and weighs about 64 kg, and is in his mid-30's. He's in good shape, blonde and light-complexioned, with a quick smile. He usually wears baggy fatigue pants and shirts, often in bright colors or flowered patterns, and the inevitable aviator's sunglasses. Andon prides himself on being a topnotch aerial pilot, with a background in the Scouts and with Gilley's Special Light Infantry Company, a small mercenary unit. He also has some ground-combat and vacuum ops training. He says that his career as a Scout was cut short by two crashed trainers and a wrecked ship's boat, that were obviously too old to be flying since they couldn't take the small amount of stress he put on them. He has a passion for good ground-level flying, stemming from a bad experience in his old merc career.

CHARACTER: Daniel Silvmane
POSITION: Engineering Division

DESCRIPTION: Dan has dark eyes and long black hair, which he sometimes binds back into a ponytail but often lets hang free. He is usually seen wearing a faded IISS vacc suit with duty patches from the Trojan Reaches on the sleeves. Dan rarely smiles or says more than absolutely necessary; he spends most of his time running monitors and so on by himself, and listening to a ubiquitous personal stereo turned up loud. Since being busted by the Board of Inquiry, he's wired his commdot to the headphones so as not to miss when he's being spoken to. Dan is about 1.81m tall and weighs a skinny 60 kg. He's currently in a meatbag.

CHARACTER: Dr. Ostyn Smythe
PLAYER: Stephen Camp
POSITION: Science Division


CHARACTER: Dr. Dave Sokuku
PLAYER: NPC (originally Jan Peterson)
POSITION: Science Division and Contact Team

DESCRIPTION: Dave is about 1.8 metres tall and of medium build. One thing people notice about him immediately is that he never gestures: almost everyone makes hand motions occasionally, but Dave doesn't. Another thing people will notice is that Dave always seems to know when someone is coming; he never bumps into anyone in the corridors, even when turning corners in a hurry. He generally wears a standard grey shipsuit, but always wears long sleeves. He appears about 35 years old, wears his sandy brown hair short (but not crew cut) and is clean shaven. His skin and eyes are Mediterranean-dark. Dave usually carries an equipment pouch containing his hand computer. Dave seems to fit in to just about any group, although he spends quite a bit of time alone.

CHARACTER: Dr. Joachim Tabor
POSITION: Medical Division

DESCRIPTION: Joachim is a quiet, proper fellow, who occasionally mutters to himself when under stress. He has dark, unruly brown hair, a small moustache, and brown eyes with a Father Christmas twinkle to them. He performs all assigned duties gracefully and helps out wherever he can, but seems most happy when performing simple checkups, patient consultations, and reminiscing about his days as a back country doctor on one of several frontier worlds to anyone who'll listen. Joachim wears mildly conservative civilian dress off duty, but in Sickbay he wears the traditional white doctor's costume.

PLAYER: NPC (originally Alan Huscroft)
POSITION: Bridge Division; Helm/OOD B1; Master, IISS Westwind

DESCRIPTION: Talon appears to be in his early thirties. He stands about 5'10" tall with a lean, moderately athletic build. He has pale green eyes, and collar-length straight black hair which looks as if it doesn't see a comb too often. His impish grin would look more appropriate on someone half his age. He is commonly dressed in a light grey standard issue IISS tailored vacc suit and a blue utility vest. He also has a bright red baseball-type cap with the words "I'm a Thingy" emblazoned across the front in friendly yellow lettering. Talon is an outgoing and amiable sort of fellow who gets on well with most people, although he can sometimes get irritated by excessive bureaucracy or heavy-handed authority. His style is very relaxed (or undisciplined, depending on your point of view), but he is really more thoughtful than his casual attitude suggests. Talon's career has been spent in the IGS as a starship pilot -- an occupation for which he has a natural talent and enthusiasm.

CHARACTER: Dr. Manfred Werner
POSITION: Science Division

DESCRIPTION: Dr. Manfred Werner wears an ill-fitting business suit of sorts and obviously isn't too comfortable in it. When tired or excited, he will sometimes speak in a central European accent, and then suppress it as soon as he becomes aware of it. While Werner may pass for a man in his late thirties, a closer inspection will reveal that he has taken steps to appear younger. "Doc" Werner is respected in the scientific community as a competent physical scientist. While his speciality is physics, he has a good grasp of Chemistry and a smattering of Biology. He has also learned to repair his own equipment when the need arises. Werner is a perfectionist, always looking for that last digit of accuracy in his computer simulations and mathmatical models. He has a habit of losing track of the time, his current location and his destination. Werner's colleagues have also noticed by now his particularly irritating habit of operating his wrist computer while he's speaking.

CHARACTER: Mac Witfield
POSITION: Science Division

DESCRIPTION: Mac is 5'10, with blue eyes and brown hair. He looks young for his age: he is 30 years old, but only looks about 22. He generally wears a jump suit with Scout markings on it, something that he's quite proud of. Mac was a very talented student, graduating from Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine with top honors and a PhD in physics not long after that. To satisfy his desire to explore the universe, he also did a four-year stint in the Scout Service. Mac has a great interest in the sciences, especially Physics and Chemistry. He also knows a bit about electronics, engineering, demolitions, and mechanical work, and loves computers. His incredible resourcefulness is something between a source of admiration and a standing joke among the crew.

PLAYER: Eric Sergienko
POSITION: Chief Medical Officer

DESCRIPTION: Just shy of two meters, and weighing 85 kilos, Jan has the lanky look of someone born on a low-g world who has trained hard to handle the rigors of higher g's. Most striking feature is his albinism. Close behind is the pure white belter cut. He wears a fu manchu mustache. Often wears a Scout issue TL15 Vacc Suit, especially onboard ship. Jan was born in the L'Union Subsector of the Marches. An Exploration scout, with two tours of duty as mission pilot of a Class 'S' Scout, he was transfered to operations in the IISS's Medical Extension Command (MedExCom). He entered and ultimately graduated from the IISS Medical Academy on Strouden. Completed a residency in adult intensive medicine specializing in management of space related injuries.

Characters No Longer in the Game

This PBeM has been going, off and on, since 1989. In that amount of time, players join the game, others drop out or lose their Internet connections, and the Refs go through a TON of NPCs. The remainder of this page is devoted to the departed and the fallen, those characters that formerly graced the game with their presence, but not live only in our memories.

Turnskaad Personnel

Rest of the Crew of the Alcyon

The Rest of the Crew of the Aslan Exploration/Combat Vessel KCR Trakh

Various Natives from the Ringworld, R-Alpha

Other Assorted Characters in the Game (at one time or another)

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