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Language plays a very important role in the TML PBeM. For the sake of expediency, it is assumed that the human crew of the Elissa, regardless of their worlds of origin, all speak either Galanglic (the lingua franca of Humaniti), or Vilani (the official language of the 3rd Imperium), when speaking to one another.

However, there are several other major langauges that come into play constantly: The first is Trokh, the language of the martial feline Aslan race, located to spinward of Imperial space. The second is Vuakedh, the language variant of the Varg'r, living in the Domain of Antares and the Julian Protectorate. The third, and least used, is Oynprith, the language of the insect-like Droyne race.

Since there is a very healthy linguistic interest among the players in the TML PBeM, the neccessity of developing both of these langauges from their minimal beginnings in official Traveller sources (or from scratch, in the case of Vuakedh) turned into a project of fierce dedication. The result is available on the two pages here:

Both languages are currently "works in progress" and it can be assumed that these lexicons will become more detailed as time passes.

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