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Sun, 1 Mar 1992

It started out with Steve Bonneville playing around with Trokh words and a partial list of words. Well, I have added the rest of the words from the S&A Glossary, as well as other words from S&A and other official publications. Thus, an unofficial "Aslan Dictionary."

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khte zero, nothing teaalr "eleven" (nine, base ten)
alr one teahlai "twelve" (ten, base ten)
hlai two iyrl "twenty" (sixteen, base ten)
kheh three tlau "thirty" (twenty-four, base ten)
hryeh four tlaukhu "thirty-five" (twenty-nine, base ten)
khu five starl "forty" (thirty-two, base ten)
hryo six, squadron khaulear "one hundred" (sixty-four, base ten)
koih seven hta "first"
tea "ten" (eight, base ten) iha "second"

uealaao 2 seconds (8 = 1 areiaao)
areiaao 16 seconds (64 = 1 khtauaao)
khtauaao 17 minutes (8 = 1 tekhaao)
tekhaao 137 minutes (16 = 1 eakhau)
eakhau 36 hours (212 = 1 ftahea)
ftahea 320 days

arlaeaha Vargr
fiyfiyalr "vassals of vassals of one"; the Imperium
fiyfiyalrya'uist "Imperial lackey which has soiled itself because it neither understands nor possesses personal honor"
fteirle the Aslan people
hisol'i Solomani
hrirohrytukhyelreah the Ancients
istoiuaei Zhodani
khteiryos shrewd, clever beast of legend. Likened to humans
tahiwihteakhtau "barbarians-who-do-not-understand-Aslan-culture"

aewar pride leader
ahriy pride
awkhtau landless male
ekho family
ekhoao "spiritual family", congregation, brotherhood
fiy vassal of
fouheh clan leader (the "Ko") (literally "Himself")
hieha band of independent females (corporation, in modern Trokh)
huiha clan
ihatei second son
khihe honorific for an unknown Aslan
lakht "lord", "landholder" [general term]
siya unmarried
tao' family leader (strong male)
tei son
tleftuaw female
uakoweih honorific for a friend from another clan
Tlakhu "The Twenty Nine" (preeminent aslan clans)
Tlakhu'hai gathering of the Tlakhu

ahfa personal items kept as part of one's Shrine of Heroes
aisaiaokheh duel of honor to the death
ai yourhai "thoughts shape the way"
akhaoye being, reality; essence or spirit of things Aslan
akyafteirleao opposed to the spirit of things Aslan (rough tr.)
ao immortal spirit, "that-alone-which-is-real"
aohko "spirit-to-self", a title of respect
aokhaor honor (literally "spirit of strength")
aoka'ah "slow spirit", a concept which is grasped
aoshi "swift spirit", a concept too swift to be grasped
ayloi artificial dewclaw used by non-Aslan in a duel
eaia inner self; heart or spirit
earleatrais referee (for duel or war)
eikhoifiruah "Dusksong"; Ritual chant for an enemy's spirit
ekhtaowetyu ritual submission asking for permission to enter land
firuah formal warrior's challenge (literally "song")
firukhte stylized use of insults to provoke or demean
firukhteahruear "masked insult"
fiya' "I am your servant, sir." Used as part of ekhtaowetyu
haaealri balance (sometimes tr. as discipline, self-control)
hkohai honor shown to an enemy
hoaawii a school of behavior, usu. associated with warrior groups
ka'tai permission to enter land. (lit. "It is fitting.")
khaofiy "Submission to the stronger." Ritual apology by duel loser
khoafteirleao a principle stating that spiritual perfection requires purging of all things akyafteirleao
khori'yekh "submersion of self"
rukhta a deed without honor of redeeming value
rukhtiywe denying one's Aslan-ness, an act of rukhta
si'iaktae ritual sharing of food between landholder and guest
sihouwelilyiuahri "Your pride calls to you." Invocation for help
Siyreakhaotoior A classic of Aslan literature; myths and legends of old
tai'ao air demon of Aslan mythology
taro philosophy of patience. "It comes"
tyeao "star-spirits"; Aslan heaven
uiyhir honor applied to a family or clan duty
ukhtai hero; in perfectr accord with aokhaor and akhaoye
ukhtai eaiawehi "In the Company of Heroes." The belief in being surrounded by ancestral "spiritual philosophies"
yaeatyeao "the gateway to heaven"
ya'uiya dishonor; "death-with-forgetting"
yerlik a battle, usually a formal, referee-monitored contest
yerlikhelu "battle-plains"; meeting place for a formal battle
Ah'ukhtai "Vow of Heroes"
Akhuaeuhrekhyeh Aslan rite of passage
Ktyuikeasiyyorl "The Words Under Which We Die" (Aslan code duello)
Si'khiraokhaor "The Warrior's Path of Honor"

aikoho "many ships", fleet
aisai dewclaw (literally "blade-claw")
akhaeh throwing edge
aofea privateers
eal "gun"
eakhyasear hunter's rifle
estahshi "swift-pistol", gauss pistol [invented tr.]
fierah thong (can be used for flail, bolo)
khaifealate machine pistol (SMG)
khaihte pistol
khir warrior
khoiaya armor
ourah-huiha clan war
sai-iysa "claw-killer" (i.e. assassin)
takheal rifle
takhestah long pistol
taleryu very sharp, crescent-shaped sword ("meatcleaver")
triluealikhe laser carbine
trolitakheal laser rifle
uealikhe carbine
yeheal autorifle
yehealshi "swift-autorifle", gauss rifle [invented tr.]
yurletya spear-hook

aor "new" [seen as prefix]
afeahyalhtow popular Aslan pet; flying carnivore/killer
aulryuiysai "desert"
ayakyuir carnivore native to Kusyu, noted for speed & ferocity
eayerkiyei' "temporary crew" (i.e. a mercenary)
eikhoi dusk
fahr key, something to mark an opening or beginning
hasoi land, specifically the landhold of an Aslan lord
helu plains or fields
hkyadwaeh popular Aslan beverage (known to humans as Bitter-root or Muleskick tea); mildly intoxicating
htahyu "first place"; clan seat or administrative center
hyufteirlerye meeting place, or city (lit. "Gathering of the People")
ka'ah "slow"
khalifakht outback, wilderness terrain on Kusyu
khtyei holding, landhold
layeau valley
lu'uifakte terminal-accessed information center
shi "swift"
shifaowoi preferred cooking spice (described by humans as a blend of cinammon and pepper)
soistsea unknown lands
takh "long"
talat book (plural: tala)
tao symbol-units of Trokh script
tlasoistsea "Bounty of new lands", a reward of land
tleftuawaoirlouheei female Trokh script
tril light, illumination
tye "tiny sun"; star or stars
ya'ui "forgetting", "to-not-be-remembered" [a guess]
yauiyekh "emptiness"; extinction
yoyeaokhtef male Trokh script
Ealya "gun-death", the Aslan First World War [a guess at literal tr.]
Tiealya Aslan Second World War (Nuclear)
Iltiealya Aslan Third World War

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