Vehicles of the TML PBeM!

Last updated: 27 Jan. 1998

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These are the ships that make the game possible. Here are the descriptions (and, in some cases, deckplans) for:

An aging but capable jump tender, converted to a research vessel.
The small but deadly Aslan fighting ship of the clan Khaukheairl.
A Swiftsure-class scout ship owned by crew-member Dr. Sir Christian van der Merwe.
A custom TL-16 scout, currently crewed by Goughzar.
A Berkshire-class Transport Tanker, formerly in the Solomani Navy, but now in the service of Event Horizon, Inc.!
Capt. Julian Stamerra's Fleet Escort-turned-Corsair.
A couple examples of the ubiquitous work vehicles used at Centerpoint High Port.

And still more will be added in the future!

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