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(Ominous orchestral largo under....)
Blackness. VOICEOVER: In the far future...
Fade in on a flag, the Imperial Sunburst, in flames.

Imperial flag in flames

... an empire that has endured for a thousand years is crumbling.
Fade to black. While humanity goes to war, on the edge of known space, something incredible has been found.
Fade in on a blurry probe image of R-Alpha, which becomes more defined as the V.O. continues.

Thirty brave explorers were sent to investigate and make peaceful contact.
They failed.
WERNER and GREY, their faces lit by the ALCYON's main holodisplay, watch in horror as it fills with blips. GREY: Sweet Mary Mother of God...
A section of R-Alpha sparkles with explosions. CROETZE-DE VRIES (V.O.): This star system, its occupants, and all space vessels are now under the control of the Solomani occupation forces.
AKHOUW, on the red-lit bridge of the TRAKH, barks orders. AKHOUW: Aeawiyh, full combat power, NOW!
White-out. HOOP (V.O.): Farewell.

VOICEOVER: Now they face an even greater mystery...
Closeup on FAROUK, as he stares off-screen. FAROUK: Where did it go?

beat, then...

Fast cuts through the following scenes: SOUNDTRACK: Hard, driving action music.
The black circle of the Hole, growing against the stars as the camera approaches.

small hole

ACE, ETIENNE's fighter, swoops and swerves to evade green lines of laser fire.
Dim, over-shoulder shot of ABUKO as he studies an electronic display in the sensor pit. He becomes aware that he is not alone and turns in his seat just as an arm (hand holding a large-bore snub pistol) comes up from out of frame.
Quick-cut to a "muzzles eye-view" of the snub pistol, with a shadowy figure in the background, just as the gun fires. SFX: *BLAM*

Quick cut to...

Secure-cam shot from above as a hatch explodes in the faces of a pirate boarding party - cut to static. SFX: *BOOM*
AKHOUW and AIWI "swim" along a passageway in freefall, toward the camera. VOICEOVER: The answer will take them to the end of our universe...
Quick pan across the screen-filling immensity of Centerpoint Station.
ZBEN looks up from his station, reacting to something.
A glimpse of the Hole, much bigger now.

medium hole
VOICEOVER: ... and beyond.
STAMERRA and his albino Vargr leer out of the bridge viewscreen. Suddenly, another Vargr in battle dress appears in the foreground, bringing its laser rifle up...
Laser fire sprays the bridge as camera dollies from side to front of BHYARRVOUF, who draws and fires. SFX: Gunfire and the roar of VOUF's handcannon.
Quick glimpse of DOEJIN floating in his waldoes. SFX: whirring, alien noises.
Shot of MUNRO, seen through the Wall. Rapid camera pan to the other side of the Wall, and a mirror-shot of BHYARRVOUF staring back at her. SFX: In sync with the pan, the sound of a rifle bolt being operated, slowed down to half speed and amplified.
Shot of RIGO facing a huge torso, and looking up, and up...
FAOHILEH rising from her chair, claws out. FAOHILEH: AAAAAOOOOOUUUUT!!!!
Fast shot of HFOLRAW and SHRIKE hurtling down a corridor in a blast of air, right at the camera.
Clip from dream sequence: a wall grows transparent, revealing a hint of a shadowy, curvaceous female body.
An iris valve explodes open and a wall of water comes flying out, right at the camera.
AZANI in full armor, falling. AZANI: We're hit!
BISHOP, in a vacc-suit, placing his hand on a bulkhead and then, with a halo of light, stepping *through*...

Bishop steps thru the bulkhead

Quick glimpse of the CERRITOS, tumbling end over end and on fire.
VOUF, looking haunted, looks up past the camera. VOUF: All hands...prepare to repel boarders.
AKHOUW, strapped into his seat with bloodied face, raises a clawed hand and roars offscreen. AKHOUW: Hear the blood-oath of my Clan!
NERIIKA screaming as his helmet is melted. No scream actually heard. AKHOUW: (V.O.)
CHIIFRAA grabbing haut-FRIEDER's leg as hull plates buckle. SFX: Bangs of popping rivets. (Use DTS)
The NIKAIDO, missile trails streaking toward and past the camera. SFX: Roar of missiles. (Use DTS)
HORNE prods the dead Th'Sk'Op and it rears up--unclear from this short clip what will actually happen.
Very rapid intercut sequence of the reactions to the teleporter's death: VOUF screaming, AKHOUW with red mist spreading over the inside of his helmet, haut-FRIEDER doubling over, HORNE flying against a wall.

Even more rapid intercut, almost too fast for the eye to follow, of assorted faces of the crew and others, chosen to give a wide variety of ages, sexes, species.

The Hole fills the screen. A split-second glimpse of the tunnel of light beyond, then flash and white-out.

large hole
SOUNDTRACK: Music rises to a crescendo.
SFX: 'Flash' sound effect

Fade to black.

Dead silence.
Main title: the word "Traveller" appears first, top center. A horizontal line of light extends out in both directions from a center point.
title 1 VOUF (V.O.):
Where in the name of Ouma are we?
title 2 STUBBS (V.O.):
Welcome to the Wire, Captain.
Letters rise out of the glowing line.
title 3
Martial theme music rises and swells under remaining time.
Traveller: THE WIRE

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Traveller: THE WIRE
Produced by Mark Cook, Directed by Michael Metlay
Concept by Kelly St. Clair
Screenplay by Mark Cook and Michael Metlay
Based on a story by the TML PBeM Writers Group
Make-up Effects by RICK BAKER and ROB BOTTIN

Pause. Black screen for a moment. Then:

UKHOGAGH stands on a rainy hillside, looking upward. UKHOGAGH: Dazzle Ships...

Cut to black.

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