What's a "Virtual Web Site"?

A virtual web site, in essence, is the ability to have a page come up with a custom domain name even though it is not on a unique web server. If you had a virtual web site and your domain was company.com then a person typing in the URL:


would come up with your home page which is actually on a server which is supporting other "virtual" sites. This also includes the capability to use "virtual mail" hosting as well. This arrangement gives the your customers the illusion that you have your own web server on the Internet, which can enhance the image of your business.

A virtual web site offers:
Virtual web address i.e. www.yourdomain.com
100 Mb. of storage and up to 900 Mb. of file transfers monthly.
Virtual E-mail, 5 standard aliases and 5 optional aliases.
Web site maintenance by Shoestring Graphics included at no additional charge.


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