What is an Internet publisher?

The Internet and the World Wide Web are still novel concepts for many, and so the role of an Internet publisher can be unclear.

Think of Shoestring Graphics as a publisher with access to every newsstand in the world, with the ability to:

Now imagine that rather than the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars you would expect to pay a traditional publisher for a year of such services, instead it costs you a few thousand dollars, or perhaps even less.

In the same way you would go to a magazine publisher or an outdoor marketing company or a phone company for your ad, you may now consult an Internet publisher to help you reach the millions of people around the world.

We aim to keep the cost of creating your Internet presence to a minimum, through a very reasonable fee structure. We will also handle all of the arrangements for the hosting of your web site, through PEAK, Inc., Internet Presence Providers. We can also ensure that you are registered with numerous search engines and linked to other relevant sites.

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