Competitive Pricing

Shoestring Graphics offers competitive pricing for web page creation, installation, maintenance, and related services. If you want to get on the web in a hurry, try our FLASH ACCESS Service!

Service Setup Recurring Costs Notes
Virtual Web Site $100.00 $85.00 / mo. Includes dial-up & DNS
HTML Graphics Design n/a $75.00 / hr.
HTML Updates n/a $35.00 / page See footnote1
Web Site Maintenance prices vary See details below.
Hosted Web Site var. $50.00 / mo.
Hosted Web "Resume" $30.00 See details below.
Image Scanning n/a $15.00 / 2 scans Std. GIF/JPEG Formats
CGI Script Creation n/a $110.00 / hr.
Counter Free2
On-site Support $90.00 / hr.
  1. Updates of your pages depend on the amount of text and/or graphics modification to be done. Typically the cost is $5.00 per page-ready graphic and $20.00 for text changes per page.
  2. If a counter is available on your web site, or if you establish a web site on the PEAK server, we will install and initialize a single counter on your home page AT NO CHARGE. We charge for all other counter installation or maintenance.

Hosted Pages for Businesses or Individuals

$50.00/month includes:

Web Resumes

Your resumes will be professionally prepared from your data supplied to us. A Maximum of two pages of text only (letter size) (photo optional). Your resume will be included in a Resume Bank which is submitted to selected search engines.

Printed copies of your resumes are available ($2.00 additional charge.)

The Resume Package costs $30.00 for 3 months of hosting on our site.

Scanning/Digital Image Conversion

We can convert any flat black & white, or color picture (photo, etc.) to digital format for you at a very low price. Simply mail us the picture (in a sturdy package, to prevent postal damage), plus a 3.5" diskette, and we will convert the photo to either GIF or JPEG format (your choice.) (Other digital formats available on request.) We will return the photo and diskette to you, ready for use!

The cost is $10.00 for 2 scans, plus return postage. Cropping and minor image "clean-up" are included free of charge. (Please include cropping instructions with your photo.)

Other Charges

Unless otherwise specified, we charge for the following services:

Graphic design costs, vary depending on the project. Initial consultation is free.

We also offer:

Corporate and Custom Solutions are also available.

Terms of payment

50% of quotation to begin work, the balance is payable as your Web pages are being installed and you approve them.

Payment Policy

Periodic services are billed quarterly, paid in advance. You will be billed 4 weeks prior to the subscription renewal date for the next period.


Due to the demand from companies wanting an affordable low-maintenance advertising solution, we have recently announced FLASH ACCESS Service. This provides you with a Web site of up to two pages with text and graphics (originals to be provided by you.) We will scan the graphics and do a basic layout for the site.

Here is what you get:

The cost? A fixed $395.00 fee gets you off the line and sprinting on the Internet.

It's just that simple!

To sign up, or if there are any questions, just to send us email.

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