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Shoestring Graphics specializes in web-page design and development, custom graphics design and small-scale desktop publishing. Innovative design, flexible pricing, and fast project turn-around time, are all provided to aid the small business or individual customer in their graphics and publishing needs.

While internet providers offer Internet access, we accommodate all your publishing needs as artists, designers, writers and programmers.

Shoestring Graphics is a service-based company, we combine page layout, graphics, and programming to produce the ultimate end product designed for the Internet. We are dedicated to bringing the visions of our clients to the World Wide Web.

Many web-sites focus on graphics at the cost of content. Graphics take time to download and produce delays which tend to discourage visitors. We have been publishing for almost three years on the Web and our experience has shown that most people are looking for information, not just pretty pictures.

Even the most casual of web surfers to visit your site is searching for something, even if only subconsciously. We work with you to make sure your site loads rapidly, provides a helpful, easy-to-navigate interface, and does the most effective job possible of communicating your message. Our goal is to design web-sites that assist users in quickly finding the information they want.

Shoestring Graphics has a proven record of responding quickly to our clients' needs, both for service and for support. We follow a wide variety of Internet topics so we can provide you with timely and accurate information to help you make strategic, cost-effective decisions.

We have the experience to make your internet investment a successful one, and we would very much enjoy the chance to work with you. To effectively induce and promote business over the web, we will help you organize your materials in a way that allows potential customers to access information on the products they want immediately.

The Internet offers a wide range of possibilities as a communication medium. It is important to us to help you understand this new medium to accomplish your goals in reaching new people and new markets. We can assist you in evaluating various Internet services to meet those goals.

We can provide services for you, or we can help you learn the process so you can more directly control the Internet services that fit your needs. Our experience can significantly shorten your learning curve on new tools and technology.

Located in Corvallis, Oregon, we offer Internet advertising and other publishing services to companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals. These services are priced in a manner that allows anyone to publish pages on the Internet.

You give us your page contents and we build the page, list it in appropriate indexes and maintain it for you. It's just that simple!

If there are any questions, feel free to send us email.

Shoestring Graphics & Printing
7160 N.W. Somerset Dr.
Corvallis, OR 97330-9519

Email: info@ssgfx.com
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