Effective Use of Web-Site Graphics

Custom Graphics The winning combination for graphics on the World Wide Web can be summed up in just three words: Clean, Small, and Fast. Graphic files being displayed on the internet should use the most efficient format to get across your message and still be as small as possible. Nobody likes waiting five minutes for just one image to download into their browser, no matter how attractive that image may be. All web graphics designed by Shoestring Graphics are optimized to provide the best image in the shortest time possible. We use a broad palette of graphics tools to produce crisp, detailed, colorful illustrations that virtually LEAP onto your customers display.

Skilled presentation of graphics and photos on the Web while maintaining fast downloads... We convert graphics specifically for use on the Internet. We use LOWSRC, interlaced GIF, and progressive JPEG to make sure that the viewer has something to look at the instant the web page starts to load into their browser. This means that a rough outline of the image is visible to the viewer almost immediately, and the picture gradually "focuses", allowing the visitor to quickly assess the picture and also navigate quicker.

Speeding Up Your Graphics.

Shoestring Graphics' HTML code always contains the size (in pixels) of the graphic, allowing visitors to read the text of your site while waiting for pictures to download. As mentioned earlier, we can provide interlaced images (GIF), progressive images (JPEG), and initial low-resolution sources to accelerate the process of displaying graphics on your pages.


The creation of a logo can be a complex undertaking. Sometimes it takes years to perfect a logo, designing and redesigning. We will ease the process by providing you with simple or detailed solutions suited for your company. Even your existing logo is usually the best place to start and can be easily enhanced with digital effects.

Image Maps

An image map makes various parts of a single image clickable, i.e. the image is mapped into different clickable sections, each section linking to another location of your site or on the Internet.

For example, a home electronics retail outlet might have an image map of a home entertainment system, containing a big-screen TV, a VCR, and a component stereo (with tuner, tape deck, CD player, and speakers.) If a customer visiting the web-page wanted to find out about their line of stereo tuners, they could click their mouse on the stereo in the image and they would be automatically switched to the "Stereo Tuners" page of that stores web-site. Another click on the image of the TV, and the customer jumps to the "Television" page.

Piracy-resistant Graphics

We provide safeguards to insure that the work we do for you will remain your property, regardless of it's exposure on the web. We use Digimarc's patented Watermark technology to invisibly "stamp" each piece of custorm art we develop. This watermark cannot be erased by any means, and acts as a permanent registration mark imbedded in every copy made of any graphic we produce.

With the technology of the web, and Shoestring Graphics at the helm, it's just that simple!

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