Your Own Web Address

If you want your business to have its own address on the World Wide Web, Shoestring Graphics can help you get set up and register your site.

If you don't have a domain name yet, we will have it registered by our affiliate PEAK, Inc., with InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center) for you. This process currently takes about 7 business days. In the meantime, we will install your site under the Shoestring Graphics domain, at no charge.

PEAK will charge you separately for registering your domain name on the internet. The current rate is $100.00/2 years (to InterNIC), plus a monthly charge by PEAK of $75.00.

Your address on the Web will be (you can choose the name):

Your registered name is exclusively yours. Most companies have already registered their names to ensure they will have it when needed.

True virtual domains, each with its own Named address.

Custom domain services can be provided for both WWW and FTP service. Full e-mail service allows seamless use of a custom domain: Unlimited (within reason) mail aliases. Receiving e-mail at the custom domain included; includes virtual mailbox capability (multiple addresses per mailbox). Optionally send mail under a custom domain. Multiple mailboxes can be configured, each able to send mail under a different name with the custom domain name.


E-mail can be forwarded to your local mailbox or remotely retrieved from PEAK. PEAK-hosted mailing lists and infobots can use the custom domain name for their e-mail addresses!

OF COURSE, NO MATTER how beautiful your new web site is, you need a place to put it. There are many options for you if you choose to have your own domain ( - e-mail us or give us a call to discuss this.

If you want to start small, we can host your files for you.

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