The Reality of Advertising Costs

Here are just a few examples of what advertising to customers in the Willamette Valley may cost you if you use traditional methods:

U.S.West Yellow Pages 2" x 2" ad square $52.50 / month
Typical Valley Newspaper 1" high x 1 column wide ad $12.55 / day
4 line classified ad $86.00 / week
USA Today 4 line classified ad $700.00 / week
Wall Street Journal 4 line classified ad $900.00 / week
Local Radio Station 30 second ad $17.00 each
Local TV Station 30 second commercial $500.00 and up
Network TV 30 second commercial (primetime) $500,000.00 and up

Yet on the Internet you can have a better ad created that can reach potentially millions of people continuously for only a fraction of that cost.

A page on the World Wide Web can be as simple or complex as you wish. It can contain text, graphics, animation, video and audio clips. It can be used to completely describe any product, service, or topic you wish to present. And the best part is... it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to your audience. Day or night, week day or week end, it will always be there to offer your message to your customers.

Also, consider this: while newspaper, radio, or local TV advertising will reach your immediate customer base, a page on the World Wide Web will reach all the way around the ENTIRE WORLD, and will do it at at lower price!

A page on the World Wide Web can provide information that would take pages of traditional advertising, or many minutes of radio or TV presentation, and yet does it ALL for pennies on your advertising dollar. A simple web-page can cost as little as a dollar a day! That's right! A $500.00 advertising budget can provide you with an entire YEAR of advertising, and leave almost $140.00 in change!

Now, we don't advocate using the WWW as your only means of reaching out to new customers, but we do recommend that you include it in any future marketing strategy as one of the most cost-effective avenues available for reaching a large audience. And when you decide to launch that web-page, let Shoestring Graphics lend a hand!

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