What About Animation?

If you would like to go all the way, you can animate your logo. Your animations will take on stunning effects using 2D and 3D rendering and animation programs. Due to the limited bandwidth over the Internet, animation graphic files have to be carefully formatted and compressed for maximum speed. At Shoestring Graphics, we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our custom animation.

However, having said that... did you notice that this page took noticeably longer to load than most of the other pages on our web site? This brings us to our NEXT topic: the impact of animation on performance.

While animation can be visually stunning, it's use on a web page is a two-edged sword. Animation is very expensive from a performance standpoint. Of all types of graphics, it contains the most information and thus, takes the longest time to upload from a web server to your clients browser. This can frustrate users because of the wait time, especially when they visit your web site repeatedly. While many of these have practical uses in certain situations, they are often used just for the sake of being "cool".

A rule of thumb: never burden the visitor with unnecessary delays unless it adds significantly to the navigational ability, site ambiance, or content location ease of your web site.

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