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In the middle of a CP2020 game, have you ever had a player say something like:

"I lean over the front seat and turn on the radio. What's on?"

I have, and it caught me flat-footed. Sure, the car radios (and all other audio-only mechanisms of broadcast entertainment) will have improved considerably by 2020, but you can bet that pretty much the same old "least common denominator" crap will be coming out the speakers.

Lest this situation present itself again, I've armed myself with a list of bands, and some of their music from which to randomly select an answer. Some of the material is straight from the RTG Rockerboy sourcebook, some is from (I think) existing grunge and retro bands, and some of the stuff I've just made up on my own. Over the course of time, I've lost track of which is which, and given that I'm on the high side of 40 years old, my personal tastes in music are somewhat "dated".

Feel free to add this list to your GM'ing arsenal.

BAND Songs/Albums
First Citizen "Feed the Lions" "Coliseum", "Thumbs Down", "The Last Gladiator", "Proconsul"
Surf Maggots "Acid Rain", "Doin' the Zone", "Body Count", "BioHazard Beach Blanket Bingo"
Blunt Trauma "D.O.A.", "Midnight at the Morgue", "E.R.", "Urban Leopard", "911", "Man With A Gun"
China Doll "Second Wave", "Stylin'", "Formosa Fandango", "The Wave", "Illegals", "Less Than Minimum Wage"
FDR Lives! "Nuke 'Em 'Til They Glow", "Aftermath", "Dims on the Dole", "Public Servant", "Work Program"
Exit Wound "Drive-by Shooting", "Graze", "Rampage in the Zone", "Down for the Count", "Chalk Outline"
The Butt Doctors "Love 'til You Puke", "B.O.H.I.C.A.", "My Love, My Sandwich", "The Doctor Is In", "Boyfriend"
Tinnitus "Volume Control", "Say What?", "Deaf as a Post", "I Heard That", "Feedback"
Seventh Seal "Armageddon", "Goat with 1,000 Eyes", "Old Nick", "Altar of Pain", "Sacrifice"
Elyssia "Firefall", "Wind in the Winter", "Desert of Hope", "Footprints", "Inside Passage"
Hemingway "Daddy", "The Old Man and the Sea", "The Sun Also Rises", "Past Tense", "Yesteryear"
Werewolves of London "On the Prowl", "Feeding Frenzy", "Jack's Footsteps", "Glint of Steel", "River of Blood"
Survivors "Lock and Load", "Walking Wounded", "Waiting for Medivac", "Free Fire Zone" "SitRep", "Fire for Effect", "Craters in my Heart"
Ragnarok "When Valhalla Falls", "War of the Gods", "Loki", "Dynamiting the Rainbow Bridge"
Solar Flare "In the Corona", "Total Eclipse", "Light Storm", "The Prime Directive", "Low Earth Orbit"
Harry Buffalo "Buffalo Hunter", "Wild, Wild, West", "A Dying Breed", "Killing Ground", "Cody", "Six-Gun"
Food Riot "Feed the Masses", "Waiting in Line", "Never Enough", "Rebellion", "Empty Warehouse"
Skinner Box "Mind Games", "Lab Rats on Parade", "Programmed Response", "Pavlov's Dog"
Strategic Air Command "Hawks and Doves", "Nuclear Winter of Love", "A Dirty Little War", "DefCon One", "Wings over Moscow", "Rolling Thunder"
Johnny Silverhand "Never Fade Away", "Dream the Dream", "She Said", "Now Is the Time"
Kerry Eurodyne "Holdin' On", "Act of Conscience", "Reality Bites", "One More Time"
Lost Boys "Back from Nowhere", "Flatline", "Pack Mentality", "I Love Your Neck"
Cutthroat "Kalahari", "Bushman", "Rockin' the Springs"
Artificial Kid "Hand of Fate", "Vat Grown", "New in Town", "Learning the Ropes"
Blackheart "Blast Off", "Love by Wire", "One Night in Chicago"
Brutus Backlash "Little Sister", "Family", "Workin' the Fields", "Breakdown on I-84"
Sarah O'Conner "Loving at the Speed of Light", "Tender Moments", "Forever is a Word"
Pipin' Hot "You Said You'd Never Leave", "One Love", "Open Doors and Closed Minds"
Destiny "Song for John (50 Years)", "The Second Time", "Anna", "Blizzard for Two"
Blood & Ice "Hot Blood", "Ice Axe", "One Love", "How Can I Say It?", "Til the End of Time"
Argyle Socks "That Old Time Religion", "Grampa Was a Rocker", "How DO They Do it?"
Sonic Scream "Mindscape", "Segue", "Time Steps", "Cybernetic Dream", "Systemic Shock"

Brian Brousseau has also produced a wonderful list of bands for his campaign (set in 2041).

A List of Some Popular (and not so popular) Bands of 2041
Gunpowder and Gasoline A strange band with strange lyrics. Sort of a cross between the '90s bands Primus and They Might Be Giants. Their latest album is a compilation of greatest hits titled "Yellow Mud Monkey". Songs include "Yellow Monkey in the Mud", "Quivering Jelly Queen", and "Eradica".
Loki's Molars A Scandinavian band with a metallish sound some music critics say hails back to White Zombie. Heavily influenced by cybernetic and biological enhancement and the "dehumanization of humanity". Their best album to date has been "Gotchur Knows" which includes some of their "Lost Humanity" anthems: "Brand New Hand", "Silicon Soul 2.0", "Dreamin' in Infrared", and "Ultraviolet Nightmare".
Rattenfänger A German band with a dark gothic sound and known for their angry and/or depressed lyrics. Very popular with the Goth crowd. Their only album so far has been "Der Mann Mit Dem Zylinder" ["The Man with the Top Hat"] featuring a cover painting of a man in a black top hat and trenchcoat by the renknowned "Dark Industrial" artist Camel Eon. Their most requested songs, as reported by KRPT radio in Night City, have been "Pissen auf der Strasse" ["Pissing in the Street"], "Hau Ap!" ["Fuck Off!] (the anthem of the DethPhreaks gang), and their love ballad "Die Totenblasse Prolet" ["The Deathpale Peasant-girl".]
The Voodoo Children A "Jimi Hendrix and the Experience" cover/poser band. The lead singer looks just like Jimi, even though he used to be a white guy. Their last album was "Experience This!" and contained Hendrix classics such as "The Watchtower", "Purple Haze", etc.
HellBlast Native sons of Night City, HellBlast plays loud and violent. Their latest album, "Ragnarokkers on Parade", has been holding steady in the Top Ten for the past ten weeks. HellBlast is responsible for such musical masterpieces as "Your Corpse is Mine!", "Blood in the Streets", "Dagger Through Your Skull", and "Bite Your Tongue".
Tokiro A Japanese rapper. The safe money says he's gonna be a "one-hit wonder". His only song that anybody can claim to have heard is "Hangin' Down" off the album "Tokiro". Tokiro is currently touring but he better come out with some new stuff soon to keep his career from burning out.

Additionally, Brian has created a diverse collection of radio stations in and around Night City. This list has something for everyone!

Radio Stations of Night City in 2041
KAOS "Where rock comes outta chaos": They play rock from 40 years ago and modern coverbands of the same.
KBBL "Righteous Dub, Mon...": Dub, the future of reggae, and some classic reggae.
KBEF "The Best Rock of Today...": Basically they play Modern (as in 2040's) Rock.
KJMP "This Place is Jumpin'!": Modern Rap.
KKCQ "KCQ! Be Sweet!": Country music. Everything from Hank Williams to the present.
KPBJ "National Public Radio": Local NPR member broadcaster.
KRAB "We gotch'yer crab right'ere!": A Pirate station on a barge in a raft city off Los Angeles' coast.
KRAP "Classic Rap, choomba": Rap and Hip-Hop from 30 or 40 years ago.
KROM "CHROME makes you wanna dent your head!": Chromatic rock. Home of the Wingnut and Bunny Tale Show (which I highly recommend you check out. Bunny Tale has such a sexy voice. Wingnut's kind of a loser though...).
KRPT "Live on the Dark Side!": The Crypt. Goth music. Mostly death oriented rock and folk with some neo-classical thrown in at certain times.
KTLK "All talk, all the time!": Talk radio. Famous for shockjock Harry Burns.

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