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Individual Items

Assorted compressed gas cylinders
Illustation courtesy of Ohio Medical Products
'D' oxygen cylinder
A compressed gas bottle containing 400 liters of oxygen (O2.) In the U.S., medical O2 bottles are color-coded green.
'M' oxygen cylinder
A compressed gas bottle containing 3,450 liters of oxygen (O2.) In the U.S., O2 bottles are always green in color.
Definition TBD.
AIC Form
Definition TBD.
Advanced Life Support.
Ammonia Inhalant
Definition TBD.
Apartment Guide
Definition TBD.
BP cuff
Blood Pressure cuff.
Basic Life Support.
Definition TBD.
Bag, Bio-hazard
Definition TBD.
Bag, Convenience
Definition TBD.
Bulb Aspirator
A round rubber vacuum bulb with a tapered tip, used to suction fluid from body orifaces..
Burn Sheet
Definition TBD.
Cadaver Pouch
Commonly known as "body bags", these large zippered vinyl bags are used to contain and transport a corpse, usually from the scene of an accident or crime to the morgue.
Chux Pad
A large disposable pad consisting of a thick layer of highly absorbant batting with a waterproof synthetic backing. These are frequently used in childbirth, and any other medical situation where a large amount of blood or other body fluid may be discharged.
Cold Pack
Definition TBD.
Definition TBD.
DOT Reflector Kit
Definition TBD.
Defib Gel
Definition TBD.
Double-cylinder resuscitator kit
Definition TBD.
Emesis Basin
Small, shallow kidney-shaped pans, usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. Used to collect any oral discharge from the patient.
Extrication Bag
Definition TBD.
Definition TBD.
IO Kit
IntraOsseous kit. Used to provide an intravenous feed into the marrow region of a major bone when venous puncture sites are not available. Frequently used on pediatric patients due to the difficulty of starting successful IVs on such small veins.
Jamshidi Needle
A long, tapered combination needle/drill, used for bone core and marrow biopsies, and for intraosseous introduction of fluids and medication in pediatric patients.
Kendrick Extraction Device. A versatile, improved means of immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces. The color-coded straps make application simple even in the dark or in extremely cramped areas. Straps are held in place, out of the way, until needed. The wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support during extrication. Immobilizes torso, head and neck enabling prompt extrication while minimizing risk of further injury. Adapts for children and pregnant women.
Definition TBD.
Laryngoscope image
Std.-size Laryngoscope handle w/ Infant,
Child, Med. & Lg. Adult MacIntosh blades
An instrument to provide illumination to the glottis so as to facilitate passing an endotracheal tube through the patient's vocal cords. Laryngoscopes can also be used to examine for any pathology (edema, bleeding, polyps, fibrosis). The most popular laryngoscope, the Macintosh design, is curved so that the end fits into the vallecula, lifting the epiglottis out of the way to expose the vocal cords. Special laryngoscopes also exist, such as the straight blade (Miller) design (passed posterior to the epiglottis, avoiding the vallecula.)
LifePak 550P
Cardio-Vert LifePak 550P
Brand name of the Cardio-Vert LifePak 550P Monitor/Defibrillator/Pacer.
Lifestat 100 w/ adult cuff
Definition TBD.
Luer Adapter
An adapter that connects a tapered Luer fitting (square nib) of a syringe to a tube or tube fitting.
Syringe type comparison
Luer-tip syringe (bottom) vs.
slip-tip syringe (top).
Luer Syringe
A disposable syringe that uses a luer-type connection between the needle and syringe body.
Military Anti-Shock Trousers. Also know as PASG (Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment.) High-waisted inflatable pants that reach from the base of the ribcage to the ankle. When inflated, they cause lower body vascular compression, which forces blood back into the upper body and thus helps to prevent shock. Care should be taken in using these on patients with severe lower body trauma, as the constant absence of blood to the wound areas can accelerate the onset of tissue necrosis (gangrene.)
NP Airway
Nasopharyngeal airway. Airway tubing designed to ventilate the patient through a nostril and down into the trachea.
Nasal Cannula
Tubing (typically plastic) for providing oxygen to the patient. The tube ends under the patients nose with twin outlets (one for each nostril.)
A device for introducing atomized fluid into a patients airway. Frequently used as a humidifier or to administer liquid medication orally.
Nitro bottle
Definition TBD.
OP Airways
Definition TBD.
Pad, Defib
Definition TBD.
Pad, Quick Pace
Definition TBD.
Patch, Fast
Definition TBD.
Definition TBD.
Road Flare
Definition TBD.
Spider Straps
Definition TBD.
Stair Chair
Definition TBD.
StifNeck Collar
Definition TBD.
Reeves Stretcher image
Reeves Stretcher
Stretcher, Reeves
A semi-flexible stretcher (removeable stiffening ribs run lengthwise inside the stetcher) used to facilitate moving patients through tight openings or down steep stairs.
Scoop Stretcher image
Scoop Stretcher
Stretcher, Scoop
Used to minimize lifting or "logrolling" the patient when loading. Scoop stretchers separate (down the long axis) into two halve which each slide under the patient on either side and then reconnect.
A sterile film dressing with excellent oxygen and moisture permeability. Commonly used to secure IV catheters.
Toomey Syringe
Definition TBD.
Trauma Shears
Definition TBD.
Tuberculin Syringe
Definition TBD.
USDOT HazMat Guide
Definition TBD.
Assorted Vacutainers
Assorted Vacutainers
A sealed, evacuated glass sample tube with a needle penetrable rubber top. Typically used to collect blood samples. Available in varying sizes (w/ color-coded tops.)
Yankauer suction tip
Yankauer suction tip
Yankauer Tip
A suction tip with a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head. So designed to allow effective suction without aspiration of surrounding tissue.


Obstetrics Kit

Kit containing equipment to help facilitate childbirth.
(What? You think TTI card-holders never have babies?)

Airway Kit

EMS/ER kit to help provide oral intubation in a patient.

Dressings & Bandages

LSP Trauma Burn Kit

(Life Support Products, Inc.)

Fracture Kit

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