The Cutting Edge

Detailed info on Trauma Team and expanded background material for MedTechs!

Supplemental source material for the Cyberpunk role-playing game system.

Last updated 11 Feb. 2000

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This area is just beginning to be assembled. It will be updated as frequently as material can put into place. When complete, this web-section will provide detailed information for both player and referee for the MedTech character class. It will contain the following 11 sections:

  1. Cutting Edge: The Medical State of the Art in 2020
    A brief history of medical advances, grounded in the technology of the 1990s, and including the invention, refinement, and eventual wide-spread use of cybernetics, tailored retroviruses, recombinant genetic engineering, and nanotechnology.

  2. Trauma Team: A Detailed History
    Detailing the founder of TTI and the development of the corporation from a small emergency medical service into a world-spanning multi-national giant.

  3. You're WHAT Kind of Doctor!?!
    Advanced character creation rules for the MedTech. Medical school and medical specialization rules would allow players to create anything from a combat medic to a ripper doc to a police department medical examiner to a veterinarian.

    The latest addition is the Clinical Lab Tour. This will give you an idea of who works there and what each them do!

  4. Med School in 10 Minutes: A Quick Lesson in Biology
    Detailing the human body, including skeleton, major muscle groups, major torsal organs, and the interior of the skull, identifying the parts of the brain and explaining the function of each.

  5. Triage: Injury, Treatment & Recovery
    (Providing rules for surgery, pathology, epidemiology, and social medicine, including psychological disfunction and treatment. This section will also cover a typical ER operating room set-up (equipment) and will set through several common surgical procedures from beginning to end.

  6. The Jaws of Life & Other Whizz Med-Gear
    (Detailing all of the equipment available to a MedTech, from the CryoTank in his AV, down to the penlight in his belt kit.

  7. Better Living Through Modern Chemistry
    A detailed set of drug creation, use & abuse rules.

  8. A Day in the Life...
    Running a MedTech character

  9. Keeping the MedTech Character Busy
    Ideas for the Referee, to keep the team medtech from justin acting like a Solo with a first-aid kit.

  10. What the Heck Does "Stat" Mean?
    Kelly clamp? Mayo shears? "Debride" a wound? Wanna talk like a doc? Read this glossary of medical terms.

  11. Med Links
    Real-world medical resources on the WWW.

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