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All original supplemental material for
R. Talsorian Games Roleplaying Game of the Dark Future.


Last updated on 21 November 2001

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What's New

21 November 2001

NEW on the Uptown Saturday Night... City page: a downloadable high-res, detailed map of Night City in PDF format. I've been getting so many requests for something like this that I finally caved in and cranked one out. Enjoy!

2 June 2001

Finally, a few new entries in the The Word in the Streets. Also, I've finally included a way to easily find (well, at least more easily than previously) the new stuff. Just click on the New Entries tag at the top of the page, and then step through the new material, one entry at a time!

If this works for folks (or, more importantly, if it doesn't work), please drop me a line and I'll try something else.

11 Feb. 2000

I finally around installing some new "Cutting Edge" material. Check out the Clinical Lab Tour in the You're WHAT Kind of Doctor!?! section.

As usual, a couple new entries have gone into The Word in the Streets. Now, if only I could figure out how to mark what's new in that huge list (in an easy-to-clean fashion), life would be better ALL of us! :^)

If you've been surfing the CP2020-related web-sites at all over the last four+ years, you're probably already familiar with "The Word in the Streets": the canonical list of Cyberpunk slang. More recently, I've added "Days of Future Past": the canonical Cyberpunk timeline, and "Uptown Saturday Night": a new detailed map of Night City.

"The Cutting Edge" is my latest work, and is an attempt to provide a COMPLETE, detailed background for expanding the MedTech character. It includes drug design rules (courtesy of Ocelot), a completely outfitted TTI AV-4, advanced medical glossaries, rules for alternative medical character classes, and much more to come!

Stay tuned for more material to support the best "dark future" roleplaying game on the market today!

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